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At Jobestow, we understand that the employees are the biggest asset for any business. Therefore, we enable employers to establish a campaign strategy and budget that meet their specific recruiting objectives and help them connect with the ideal employees. You can utilize artificial intelligence to access a vast talent pool and reach out to applicants proactively and cost-effectively.

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Benefits for Employers

As a leading recruitment platform, we strive to facilitate employers in building powerful teams. Here are the top benefits that you can enjoy by becoming part of the Jobestow community.

100% Free Job Posting

The job posting is completely free at Jobestow. You can post as many jobs as you want to fill multiple positions at your company. All you have to do is register at Jobestow and start posting right away. Our customizable templates make it easy to write a job description and distribute it to thousands of candidates worldwide with a single click of a button.

Get Instant Results

Our powerful AI software analyzes thousands of data points to find the best candidates for your roles. Owing to Jobestow's global outreach, you are almost guaranteed to find talented and experienced candidates who meet your requirements. Consequently, a larger talent pool and shorter hiring cycles result in lower hiring costs for your company..

Pay Only for Selected Resumes

Jobestow charges on a per-candidate basis, which means you will never have to pay for irrelevant applications again. You can view the basic information of all the candidates that apply for a job post for FREE. You can then filter out the most suitable candidates for the job and only pay to download the resumes of the candidates you choose.

Diverse Recruitment Options

There is no cap on posting and hiring at Jobestow. Whether you want to fill a full-time, part-time, or remote working position, we can connect with the right candidates from all around the globe. You can post jobs for local and international students looking for OPT and CPT opportunities, visa holders, and non-residents interested in working in the US.

Our Smart Pricing Plan

Jobestow works with "credits" that you can use to download applicant resumes.

  • 1 credit = $1.0
  • H1B/Green Card/Citizen = 20 Credit/ resume
  • OPT/CPT/B1/L1/Non US Citizens = 20 Credits/ resume

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Jobestow provides customized recruitment solutions and a job board that links companies with thousands of job seekers in the United States and abroad. Employers benefit from an integrated recruiting platform as well as access to a large resume database of qualified candidates.

It is possible to rate and sort job applicants using artificial intelligence. You can also sign up to receive AI-matched candidate alerts through email or the platform's candidate search. The application tracking systems of businesses are fully integrated into the recruitment platform to assist you at every step.