Frequently Asked Questions

What is Jobestow?

Jobestow is a leading online employment platform designed to help job seekers and employers from all four corners of the world find each other.

Can I search and apply for jobs as a job seeker on Jobestow?

All you need to do is register an account on our platform, and you can begin your search to find your dream job.

How much does it cost to upload my resume and search for jobs on Jobestow?

Once you create an account with Jobestow, you can upload your resume and begin searching for jobs for free.

Can I post job offers on Jobestow as an employer?

Employers can easily post job offers on our site, provided they have a registered account and submit the proper documents needed to ensure their approval.

How much does it cost to post a job listing on your platform?

Jobestow has a 100% free job posting policy. Meaning employers can post jobs on our site for free for a lifetime. All employers must pay for resumes for select applicants they wish to download.

Can I post more than one job listing on your platform at once?

Yes, there are no limits to how many jobs you can post on our site. Thus, you can post as many job listings as you want, but you can’t duplicate your job posts.

Can I post the same job offer twice?

We have a strict no duplicating policy. Thus, if you post the same job twice, your job post will be deleted, and your account might be changed or get terminated.

Can I see the basic profile of a candidate before I download their resume?

All our registered employers can view the basic profile of every applicant interested in their job listing for free.

Do I need to pay to look at the basic profile of a potential applicant?

Absolutely not. Viewing basing profiles for potential applicants for your job offers is completely free. However, employers will have to pay a fee if they want to download an applicant’s resume.

How much will I be charged for downloading a resume?

We offer a smart pricing plan that uses credits, which employers can use to download

applicants’ resumes.

1 credit = $1.0

H1b/Green Card/Citizen = 5 Credit/Resume

OPT/COPT/B1/L1/Non US Citizens = 5 Credits/Resume

What documents do I need to register as an employer?

To create a valid employer account with us, we need two documents, a certificate of incorporation and a minimum 1 million dollar general and professional liability insurance policy.

As an employer, do I need to have my own insurance?

We cannot approve your registration to Jobestow as an employer without a minimum 1 million dollar general and professional liability insurance policy.

Do you offer any free credits for employers?

Yes, we offer a sign-on bonus, including 500 credits, which employers can use to download a potential candidate’s resume.

Is it mandatory for me to include my Visa status?

But considering we work with job seekers and employers from all corners of the world, your visa status will help employers choose the best candidates as each job requirement has different needs.

What makes Jobestow different from all other online employment platforms?

Jobestow has a 100% Free Job Posting Policy, meaning, we do not ask for upfront fees before an employer is allowed to post a job description. All an employer has to pay for is the ability to download an applicant’s resume once they have narrowed down their search.

Is there a limit to how many jobs I can apply for at once?

Absolutely not. Job seekers can apply for as many jobs as they wish, provided they feel they meet the qualifications required for the job.

Can Jobestow really help me find a job?

At Jobestow, we are dedicated to bringing job seekers closer to the job offers they need.We connect candidates from all over the world with a diverse selection of job opportunities from numerous companies.

What should I include in my job description listing?

Describe as much information as possible about the job you are offering, including where the job will be based, and the contract type. You also want to include the qualifications you require from potential applicants.

How do you ensure, as an employer, that I have the right applicants for my job listing?

At Jobestow, we utilize tested and results-driven AI software that meticulously analyzes thousands of data points, filtering applicants to find you the most talented and experienced candidates for the job.

How long will it take for my job listing to appear?

Once you finish writing your description, your job post will be ready to view by job seekers in minutes.