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At Jobestow, we can help you hire candidates in a simpler and faster way. No more dealing with inactive resumes! Our platform is designed for HR teams, headhunters, and recruitment agencies.

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People are the greatest assets of an organization. At Jobestow, we offer an enterprise hiring platform that makes recruiting great people easy. Engage talented candidates and boost your organization's productivity.



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Everything You Need to Attract, Select, and Hire the Best People Under a Single Platform

Hire great people through an innovative platform that connects the right candidates with hiring managers.

Jobestow offers an enterprise recruitment platform that has intuitive and smart capabilities to meet your talent needs.

Unlock the Power of Jobestow:
Solving the 5 Pain Points of Recruiters


1. Finding Qualified Candidates

Say goodbye to endless searches and unqualified prospects. Jobestow uses advanced algorithms to match candidates accurately with your requirements, delivering an impeccably tailored shortlist of stellar applicants.

2. Screening and Interviewing

Jobestow doesn't stop at just delivering a flawless list of candidates. Our cutting-edge platform is engineered to streamline the interview process efficiently, ensuring the highest candidate compatibility level, and even you can share the required documents for faster service.

3. Making the Final Decision

No more second-guessing, no more hiring remorse. Armed with Jobestow's powerful data-driven insights, you'll confidently make informed decisions every time, securing the right candidate for your organization.

4. Overcoming Resistance from Upper Management

Winning hearts and minds in the boardroom has never been easier. Jobestow's comprehensive candidate profiles come complete with a unified selection metric, bolstering your case when pitching top-tier talent to decision-makers.

5. Retaining Top Talent

Jobestow goes beyond the hiring process. With our talent management suite, we'll help you create an environment that fosters long-term growth, satisfaction, and loyalty among your top assets - the people you've worked so hard to recruit.

Leverage the 6 Ps of Recruitment for Marketing Success



We can help employers attract excellent talent by assisting them in understanding their target prospects and identifying skills that attract these prospects.


We can help promote an employer's organization through promotion marketing and disseminating accurate information that will help attract prospects to your brand.


We use cutting-edge marketing tools to pinpoint and minimize process pain points that your prospects may be experiencing so you may improve it for a seamless onboarding experience.


We ensure that every step of your hiring process consists of a persuasive selling component that attracts prospects to your business.


We can train your staff on how to treat candidates with respect, courtesy, and professionalism and help you identify applicants that leave the best impression.


We know that it's very challenging to hire suitable candidates wit the proper eligibility criteria in our country as the job seekers are not only US citizens nut also with different immigration statuses like H1B, EAD, OPT, CPT, H4 EAD and B1/B2 and so on. Jobestow will help you list your jobs with eligible immigration status so that you can quickly identify tha right source without wasting your time. This will make your recruitment process more cherished and processed to hire the right talent for the correct position.

International Students Looking for the Right Employer

At Jobestow, we understand the unique challenges faced by international students looking for employment in the US. With over 80,000 foreign nationals obtaining H-1B visas annually, job competition can be overwhelming. Add to that the workplace barriers created by cultural and language differences, and the job search can quickly become an uphill battle.

This is where Jobestow comes in. Our platform works to level the playing field by leveraging cutting-edge technology and advanced analytics to identify your specific hiring needs and match you with qualified international candidates.

Visit our job portal today and browse through high-quality resumes of foreign nationals seeking a job in the US.

Your Recruitment Process – Simplified


Attract Candidates

  • We'll help you create a comprehensive recruitment campaign to attract the perfect candidates for your open positions. This includes job postings, email campaigns, and other tactics that target qualified applicants.

Screen Candidates

  • Our platform will review resumes, conduct background checks, and assess each candidate. It will also provide customized assessments that go beyond skills to identify candidates' ability to fit into your organization.

Select Candidates

  • We'll review each candidate's profile and list the best-qualified individuals for your open positions. We'll also guide how to select the best from this group of finalists.

Hire Candidates

  • Finally, we'll help you hire the most suitable candidates and guide onboarding them into your organization. Our integration with the human resource information system will ensure that the entire process is smooth and efficient.

Match Candidates With Your Hiring Needs

At Jobestow, we empower employers to get access to high-quality candidates that match their recruitment needs – all under a single, intuitive talent-sourcing platform. We have access to a wide range of candidates through social profiles and actionable insights, which helps employers gain the tools they require to make a high-quality hire.

Our AI-Enabled Recruitment Management Software

Increase your prospective applicants and identify the right talent faster with our end-to-end AI recruitment management tool. Our system will automatically send matched candidates to the employer's dashboard while ensuring a smoother and more seamless way to talent acquisition.

  • AI-powered candidate sourcing
  • Candidate recommendations & matching
  • Download candidate profiles & resumes
  • 2-Way communication within a single interface
  • Fully customized reports

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Why Employers Choose Us

Active Resumes

Unlike other job sites, we give you access to only open and active resumes. All the resumes featured on our platform are recent and belong to skilled candidates looking for professional opportunities.

Dedicated Expert Team

Our recruiters have unparalleled employee search expertise and in-depth knowledge of the current applicant pool in order to make the best match for your open positions. We understand the specific needs of your business and will help you at every step of your candidate-sourcing campaign.

Create A Quick and Easy Shortlist

Our expert recruiters can screen the type of candidates you need to review their skills and qualifications. We have in-depth insight into the current hiring conditions to create a qualified shortlist quickly.

Streamlined Processes

With Jobestow, you can streamline your recruitment process – from job postings to onboarding new hires – all under one platform. Our platform makes recruitment more accessible and faster, allowing employers to focus their resources on the actual hiring process.

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